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Latest Overwatch video features an unedited match with bowman Hanzo

Another Overwatch match has been released by Blizzard, this time, it stars mercenary assassin Hanzo and his trusty bow.

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The unedited match takes place on a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map situated in the heart of England, according to the video description.

Hanzo's standard attack is Storm Bow, which is a basic bow and arrow attack. He also using Sonic Arrow which is an arrow with a tracking device that marks enemies, making them easier to hunt down.

A fragmenting arrow which ricochets off walls and objects called Scatter Arrow can also be used. It is an AoE attack which can strike multiple targets at once.

Like other characters in the game, Hanzo also has an ultimate ability, and his is called Dragonstrike. It allows him to summon a spirit dragon which travels through the air in a line. As it passes through walls it will eat any enemy it encounters.

Other 60fps battle videos released within the last couple of weeks include: McCree the gunslinger, Mercy the medic, and Zenyatta the monk.

Overwatch is without a firm release date but you can sign up for the fall beta through here.

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