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Check out this Overwatch gameplay video featuring the gunslinger McCree

Overwatch character Jesse McCree is featured in the latest video for the team-based shooter. It shows Blondie look-a-like in a complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch on PC.

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According to the video description, the gameplay session featuring McCree takes place in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an "abandoned outpost perched above" the Mediterranean Sea.

McCree uses a six-shooter called the Peacekeeper, and can fan its hammer to swiftly unload the multiple cartridge chambers in the Cylinder. He also makes use of a combat roll, which allows him to dive in the direction he is moving, reloading his revolver in the process.

Along with the Peacekeeper, McCree can also use the Flashbang, which is a basically a flash grenade. Upon exploding, it staggers enemies in a small radius providing a window of opportunity for continued fire or cover.

Finally, players can also make use of his Ultimate Ability, Deadeye. While the ability requires a longer focus time, once McCree sets his aim and fires, he will shoot every enemy in his line of sight. The killshot can be lined up faster though when aiming at weaker targets.

A beta for Overwatch starts this fall and you can sign up here.

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