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Overwatch: these are the Ultimates Genji can deflect

Just how well can Genji deflect other Overwatch characters with his abilities beyond the obvious projectiles? Rather well it seems.

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Overwatch: these are the Ultimates Genji can deflect

Genji uses arrows, bullets and Shuriken as his main arsenal, and he is also able to block the majority of the other Heroes' Ultimates.

In the video above, Arekkz shows you how to block some of these Ultimates, and we have transcribed these for you below.

Let's start off with the Offensive Heroes

McCree's Ultimate is Deadeye, in which he locks on multiple targets and issues an instant kill. But if you can deflect his bullet before it hits, Genji will give him a taste of his own medicine. Players can also deflect McCree's Flashbang.

Pharrah's Ultimate Barrage rains down rockets on her enemies. These can be deflected along with her Concussive Blast.

Reaper is a bit tricky it seems, because his Ultimate Death Blossom sends bullets flying in a 360-degree circle. Genji can only block the shots which come straight at him. This means, deflecting this Ultimate from Reaper won't be enough to kill him outright. But you can finish him off if you follow the deflection with Quick Strike.

Then there's Solider 76. Players will want to make sure they activate their deflect abilities before trying to use his Ultimate, Tactical Visor, against him. Don't use it too soon - instead try and time it right when he starts shooting. Otherwise, your move will be finished before his and you're a goner.

Finally, there's Tracer who uses the Pulse Bomb. This Ultimate has her throwing a bomb which sticks to surfaces and explodes after a brief delay. There is a window to deflect her bomb when she throw it at you which will turn it hostile to Tracer.

How to deflect Defensive Heroes

When Bastion uses his Tank Mode configuration, Genji can deflect the blasts but given the slow fire rate, players using this character will only have time to block one. Players will likely not kill Bastion with a single deflect.

Junkrat's Rip-Tire cannot be blocked but you can deflect his Concussion Mine if he throws it.

Molten Core is used by Torbjorn which powers up his turrets. And while you can deflect the turrets they will last much longer than your deflect skill. Genji will likely end up dead in this case, so deflect if you like but use other tactics as they will be needed.

Mei's Blizzard can be deflected using the same logic as with Tracer above. Block the slowing projectile as she throws it and it will trun hostile and hurt her. This slows her down to where you can rush in and take her out.

The last of the defense team, Hanzo, uses Dragonstrike. While you can't deflect the dragons, you can deflect the arrow he shoots before it turns into said dragons. This will turn the arrow back at Hanzo and the dragons will attack him. This won't likely kill him, because the dragons will weaken by the time they reach him. But, if members of Hanzo's team are standing behind him, it will be a pain for them.

On to Tank Heroes

You cannot deflect D.Va's Self-Destruct or Reinhardt's Earth Shatter - but you can deflect his Fire Strike.

Roadhog's Whole Hog can be deflected in order to "get him out of your face," and you can deflect Winston's punches as he comes at you with Primal Rage. You won't hurt him and you will still get knocked back, but it will prevent Genji from taking damage. This will be handy if he pins you in a corner.

Zarya makes use of Graviton Surge which launches a gravity bomb that draws the enemy closer to her. In order to do this she has to fire a projectile first. This can be deflected.

Finally since Support Heroes don't have any projectiles to deflect, they are not included in this short guide.

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