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Overwatch's Symmetra bends reality in this gameplay video

Here's another Overwatch gameplay preview showing off the reality-bending talents of Symmetra.

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Symmetra makes use of a Photon Projector which emits a short-range beam that connects to an enemy nearby. The longer the beam is connected to the target, the more damage it will dole out. Her weapon can also deal high damage by releasing an energy ball.

She can also set up a small turret which will fire speed-reducing blasts at her nearest enemy within range, and several of these turrets can be placed at once. Symmetra is handy to have around as she can also surround one of her allies with a protective shield which will stay intact as long as the ally remains alive.

As with other characters, she makes use of an ultimate ability, which in her particular case is teleporter exit pad which connects to a teleporter entry pad. The latter is placed at the team's starting point, which allows allies to travel back through the exit pad instantly, bringing them back into the fray if defeated.

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Overwatch is without a firm release date, but signs up for the fall beta are live.

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