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Overwatch livestream: Gamer Network vs the readers

Ready for the Overwatch open beta? Watch our buddies take on readers in a livestream before it all kicks off.

Overwatch livestream: Gamer Network vs the readers

The Overwatch open beta kicks off in just a few hours and to get prepared for it you can watch a livestream of the 6-on-6 action right here.

Gamer Network staff are taking on readers and there can be only one winner. I think we can all guess who that's going to be.

Watch on YouTube

The action kicks off from 7pm BST on Xbox One, shifts to PS4 around 8pm and then the PC from 9pm onwards.

If you want to get involved in the open beta for Overwatch you can check out the time it goes live in your region right here.

And once you've done that, why not read our big fat guide pages for some assistance? Here's the best heroes to play for beginners, a bunch of hot tips to get started, and more detailed strategies for all 21 heroes.

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