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Overwatch Genji guide: every ninja move explained

How to play Genji like a pro.

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Overwatch Genji guide: every ninja move explained

Overwatch is seeing a lot of Genji play at the moment, and if you have a chance to play as assault you'll probably want a go. In the video above, Arekkz goes into detail on the popular ninja's move set - breaking it down to numbers and seconds.

While we don't consider Genji one of the best Overwatch characters for beginners, he is one of our tier 1 Overwatch characters. in the right hands he can be absolutely deadly. It's all those Plays of the Day and votes that make people want to get their hands on the tricky but tough ninja.

So what do you need to know? Well. Genji has average health for an assault character, but he doesn't need as much health as a more straight-forward attacker like Reaper, because his key strength is his agility: if enemies don't see you, they won't be shooting you.

With both ranged and melee attacks Genji is a versatile skirmisher. Genji's shuriken are extra reliable as they have no damage fall off over range, so if you hit your target with all three projectiles you'll do 84 damage. Most non-tank enemies will go down in three to four full hits, which is more than manageable given you have eight shots lined up before you need to reload. You can also use the alternate fan attack, which will allow you to hit fast moving targets and groups, doing at least a bit of damage.

Genji's deflect is tricky to pull off but is an absolute life saver if mastered; it can even guard against ultimates.

Watch the video above or visit our Genji Hero Guide for more information.

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