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Overwatch 2 ultimate bug lets Bastion players fire far too many artillery shells

Another day, another bug...

Overwatch 2 players are coming under fire a tad more than usual right now, thanks to a bug that allows Bastion to infinitely shoot their ultimate until their ultimate timer runs out. While you’re usually only able to use it three times before you’re kicked out, this glitch allows Bastion mains in the know to unload shot after shot for up to eight seconds — more than enough time to clear out an objective or kill most of a team.

What’s worse is that it’s easily reproducible. To fire off a shot, you can use one of two inputs. The trick is to use your left click / right trigger for the first two shots, before pressing both inputs at the same time for each consecutive shot afterwards. On PC this means using left click and Q at the same time, although some have been rebinding their left click input to other keys to make the bug that much easier to reproduce.

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The result? An otherwise underwhelming ultimate for a typical subpar Overwatch hero is currently causing havoc online. Regardless of your hero or what role you’re filling, an endless stream of high-damage shells is enough to wipe out anyone, and while eight seconds might not sound like a lot, it’s more than enough time to blow through the vast majority of the enemy team.

You can see the reactions from numerous players all over social media and Overwatch 2 online platforms right now, as people scramble to overcome this newfound problem. Overwatch streamer Seagull is one such example, as they desperately try to escape from the bright red wave of incoming explosions. Although, it has also allowed for Lucio players to flex their movement skills.

As for whether this will be fixed soon, there’s currently now official acknowledgement on the official Overwatch 2 Twitter account (where server stability fixes have previously been published). As such, it looks like we’ll have to just deal with it for the foreseeable future.

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