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Overwatch 2: further details leak on PvE, a new mode, and more

The leaks keep coming for Blizzard, and this one's pretty substantial.

The latest Overwatch 2 leak comes via ESPN, which has gotten its hands on a training document and has been tipped off by a BlizzCon source.

We've had reason to believe that Overwatch 2 is happening for a while, and it seems like the report from back in June about resources shifting to the project was likely accurate. Here's the latest hot goss.

Overwatch 2 will have a PvE focus, and a much stronger emphasis on story. One mission will be a four-player jaunt through Rio de Janeiro, which is where Lucio is from, so we expect to learn more about him and his story. It sounds like there's a solid chance of this mission being playable at BlizzCon, which starts this Friday.

The report also states that a new competitive mode will be unveiled alongside a new map. 'Push' will debut at BlizzCon, and we'll get a look at a new Toronto map. ESPN also states that "at least one new hero" will be unveiled, although details are vague beyond this. What is 'Push', exactly, and who will we be playing as? It's looking likely that we'll find out on Friday.

BlizzCon 2019 will find Blizzard in a weird position - they're probably going to be showing off both Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, but they're also likely to see protests for the company's disgraceful handling of Hearthstone grand master Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai for his support of Hong Kong protests.

In any case, we'll know more soon.

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