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Ouya Kickstarter closes: $8,596,475 raised

Ouya's Kickstarter campaign to help fund the development of an open platform, Andrioid-powered gaming console has now closed with a staggering $8,596,475 in crowd funds.

In just 30 days, 63,416 backers raised the money needed to make the project a reality. Just hours before Ouya's campaign ending, CEO Julie Uhrman posted, "We've been blown away the whole time.", in response to the projects overwhelming support from the gaming public and the games industry. Thanks to Joystiq for the quote.

The latest big name publishers to support Ouya by pledging content are Namco Bandai and Square-Enix, which will bring Final Fantasy 3 to the console at launch.

Did you back Ouya? Do you think an open platform is good for the industry? Speak your mind below.

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