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It looks like the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are finally coming to consoles

Currently the remasters are exclusive to Steam.

It looks like the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are finally coming to consoles, after being exclusive to Steam for a year.

You would think that some simple remasters of the first six Final Fantasy games would be a shoo-in for at the very least a Nintendo Switch release. That would be a good business decision from Square Enix, but this is also the company that is insisting on pushing forward with blockchain nonsense, so who's to say what the right call is. Fortunately for us though, it seems to have acquired some sense after all, as it looks like PS4 and Switch versions of the remasters are on the way.

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As spotted by deals wizard and news aggregator Wario64, all six of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters have been rated for PS4 and Switch by the ESRB. Obviously this hasn't been officially revealed by Square Enix just yet, but ratings board leaking game announcements ahead of time is pretty common.

A Final Fantasy 35th anniversary event is kicking off tomorrow, December 13, with live streams being held right up to December 18, so it's entirely possible the Pixel Remaster ports will be revealed sometime during the event. Don't necessarily expect any big news though, as Japanese events for things like game anniversaries can often just be a general celebration rather than an opportunity to show off anything in particular. Though obviously we're all a little hopeful Square Enix will show a bit more of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.

While these ports are unconfirmed for the moment, we do know what's in store for Square Enix's near to medium future. Forspoken is out next month, and it even has a demo on PS5 you can check out now (and you can also read about why the game couldn't have been on PS4 too). Plus, we now have a release date for Final Fantasy 16 too, due out in June next year.

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