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Op Flash: Dragon Rising gets Skrimish DLC, price, video and date


Codemasters has said that the first bit of DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will land on PC tomorrow, November 5 along with a title update - same goes for the 360 version, with the update landing on PS3 "shortly".

The DLC is the Skrimish pack, and player will go "head to head in attack helicopters, deploying tanks and APCs and engaging in ranged and close quarters combat in the wide ranging new maps and missions."

A video of it is posted past the break.

Also included are four new multiplayer maps and two new Fire Team Engagement missions featuring both solo and four player shooting fun.

Patch notes for PC can be found here, and console patch notes here.

The ‘Skirmish’ pack will be available on XBL for 400 MS Points tomorrow  and PSN (£3.19/$3.99/€3.99) "shortly", while it's a free download for PC.

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