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One of Battlefield 4's wildest and most complex Easter eggs solved

Battlefield 4 is the gift that keeps on giving, and not just when it comes to new content.


If you're familiar with Battlefield 4, you'll have heard of the many secrets and Easter eggs developer DICE loves to hide within, some that would eventually lead you to unlocking exclusive camos. The latest DLC - Legacy Operations, which added a remake of Dragon Valley, contained one final, incredibly elaborate Easter egg that would send the community on another hunt.

YouTuber JackFrags, who's been known to solve almost all of them, has a new video detailing how he managed to locate and crack it, and what you get in the end.

It all starts with some of the lanterns scattered around the map, which flicker seemingly randomly. This turned out to a Morse code message which reads, "Did you miss me? Good luck, JJJU." JJUU here being Julian Manolov, one of the developers responsible for hiding these treasures.

The full thing involves drawing digrams, switches scattered around the map, things that need to be blown up in a certain order, and other wacky stuff. The reward is an exclusive camo, previously exclusive only to DICE.

Watch it below:

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