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OlliOlli World preview: Don't overlook this indie skateboarding gem

Roll7's open world take on the 2D skating game is a proper little skateboarding gem that any Tony Hawk's fan would be foolish to miss

OlliOlli World is almost here, and we've had another chance to get our hands on the game ahead of its launch on February 8, 2022, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

For those who may not know what OlliOlli World is, it's a skateboarding, side-scrolling action platformer game from developer Roll7 that follows on from two far more linear and level-based games that made their name on the Vita many years ago. This new game has a more open world focus, and lets you have a lot more freedom in how you express yourself and progress the game. Rad.

Quite a bit has changed since the first preview we did. There are way more features in this build for me to show you now – but I still can't show you everything. Thank the preview embargoes for that.

For the best look at what you need to know, you should take a gander at the video at the top of this page. But if you just want to know the top-line features we've broken down in the footage, we've got it listed out for you below:

  • Customization: Customization is a big part of OlliOlli World. Even though you start with a fair few options, there are more to unlock as you grind (no pun intended) through the game. You unlock more gear by completing levels, nailing challenges, and filling out your skateboard mastery – so make sure you're hopping tricks out everywhere you go.
  • Pace: The devs and writers understand that most people playing this game just want to skate and do tricks, so dialogue is always brief, snappy and filled with millions of skate puns, word play and other modern references that people of all ages can appreciate. The devs at Roll7 are British, and did sneak in a few slang terms only we would understand, which I liked.
  • Art direction: The art style is really nice, both in the level design and in how the characters are realised. It's quite cosy and dreamy, but don't let its inviting presentation fool you – Olliolli World will put your skills to the test, and in the latter leves of the game things do get technical and your reaction speed will need to be on point. If you've played the earlier games, you know how hard things can get as you get close to the credits. Don't rest on your laurels.
  • Multiplayer: If you've feeling competitive, there is a multiplayer section of the game called the Gnarvana League that has daily competitions where you are grouped up with people online to see who can set the highest score before the day is done. It's ranked, so you'll be put with people on your skill level, and at the end you get some gear for it if you place well. It's a solid way to break in those thumbs.

OlliOlli World is a fun and stylish indie game that's incredibly satisfying to play, hitting the right flow in using all the tricks you've learned and making you feel like a badass as you learn to link chains together. Going full speed feels great, and the controls are responsive, easy to understand, and simple to use (once you've got your head around them). The audio and visuals are easy on the eyes and ears, and the numerous replayability options will stop you from ever getting bored; you're never forced to do the same thing over and over again.

It may be launching into a packed month, but OlliOlli World is a game you need to look out for.

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