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Ocarina is "best game to play today," says Edge


God. Edge has posted its "100 Best Games to Play Today" feature, with Ocarina of Time at number one.

Apparently, "Over a decade after release,‭ ‬The Legend Of Zelda:‭ ‬Ocarina Of Time has achieved a distinction reserved for a true classic.‭

"It’s been forgotten.‭ ‬Writing about it garners nothing but grandiose adverbs and scattered memories of Hyrule Field.‭ ‬It’s‭ ‘‬unquestionably‭’ ‬and‭ (‬even better‭) ‘‬indefinably‭’ ‬great."

Goodo. This is actually an abridged version of the piece from the mag's 200th edition. Read the whole "unquestionably indefinable" thing through the link.

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