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Oops! Obsidian might accidentally have shared Avowed's release date after all

Expect the upcoming RPG in November? Maybe?

Avowed screenshot showing a woman casting a spell using a short staff towards something offscreen.
Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Avowed got another look-in at the Xbox Games Showcase last night, albeit without a release date - though Obsidian might have accidentally shared it afterwards.

There were plenty of games with release dates shown off yesterday at Xbox's latest showcase, but Avowed wasn't one of them. It was a bit surprising, given that Obsidian is still promising a 2024 release date, and given we're about halfway through the year now, I would have expected at least a release month. Alas, that wasn't the case, even if the fresh look at gameplay and story was a good one. Except, well, in a bit of a blunder, Obsidian might have shared the release date after all, just not on purpose. Right after Avowed's newest trailer was revealed, a blog post was shared by Obsidian inviting you to watch it, and right at the end of the post was a quote from game director Carrie Patel sharing the release date.

"The last few months at Obsidian Entertainment have been fast-paced and exciting," said Patel. "Since we saw you at the Xbox Developer Direct this past January, we’ve been busy with Avowed getting it ready for release on November 12, 2024. Today, we’re thrilled to have revealed our first-ever story trailer at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, and to talk with you more about what we’ve shared." However, once that was noticed the "getting it ready for release on November 12, 2024" line was quickly removed, with the rest of the quote staying intact. Game dev is a fickle thing, so perhaps Obsidian just didn't want to lock anything in just yet, but any which way it is a rough sign of when you can expect the game, assuming there are no delays.

What really makes the release date mentioned in the blog post is that in a new interview from Eurogamer, Patel even said "just having come from the studio last week, the game is looking fantastic" when asked how the game is shaping up for a 2024 release. "The team is putting a lot of love into the polish. So we feel very good about 2024." There's obviously no release date there either, so, who knows when it'll come out! I'm sure you can wait a little while longer.

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