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Avowed lead says there's "choice and consequence" for how you build your character

Be careful over what kind of character you choose to be.

If you're already plotting at the perfect build for Avowed, you better scrap those plans, as Obsidian says there isn't "one perfect build."

Personally, when I play an RPG, I'm pretty happy with just winging it, not paying much mind to crafting a particularly powerful build - I like just going with the flow. Everyone is not me, though, and some love to make that perfect build. Obsidian's latest RPG is looking quite flexible so far, but in a recent interview with GamesRadar, gameplay director Gabe Paramo noted how the game doesn't really have one perfect build. "At Obsidian, it's your world, your way, right?" Paramo said. That general idea is what resulted in the game's dual-wielding combat system. "'Combinatorics' as I call it; people make fun of me for using this term.

"It's being able to put a pistol in my right hand and a shield in my offhand. I'm blocking and I'm firing. It's the choice and consequence with things like, I'm using a dagger that's quick and it's more silent, and I'm using a pistol that's loud and has a little bit of a reload recovery time on it." Consequence seems to be a big thing for Paramo, as he goes on to say that there are "pros and cons to all the choices," and that there's no "one perfect build, there's gonna be, again, choice and consequence for what you kit out with your character." You don't have to worry too much about making permanent choices all the time though, as you do have the option to respec your character. Not me though, like I said, I'm just gonna wing it.

Obsidian showed off a longer look at gameplay earlier this week, where game director Carrie Patel noted that there's plenty of missable secrets and subtle choices to be found in the upcoming RPG.

Avowed doesn't have a specific release date just yet, but it's due out this autumn on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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