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Obsidian's Avowed embarks on an epic quest this fall

Travel to a mysterious island filled with adventure and danger.

Image credit: Microsoft/Obsidian Entertainment

Avowed, the upcoming fantasy RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, is set to release this fall.

The release window was revealed during the Xbox Developer Direct and followed with a new gameplay trailer.

Here's a look at some first-person fantasy RPG gameplay from Avowed. Watch on YouTube

Set in the Living Lands, part of the world of Eora first introduced in Pillars of Eternity. In the game, you are the envoy for the distant land of Aedyr sent to investigate rumors of a spreading plague.

You soon discover a personal connection to the Living Lands and an ancient secret that threatens to destroy everything.

As you explore the Living Lands, you will find the island is home to many different environments and landscapes, each with its own unique ecosystem. It is also a place of mystery, secrets, danger, and adventure where choices and consequences abound.

Combat is varied, allowing you to mix and match swords, spells, guns, and shields. Plus, you can use spells to trap, freeze, or burn enemies and use bows to attack from a distance.

Various species can join you as companions and will fight alongside you. Just know your choices will shape them as you help with their quests.

Prior to today, Avowed was quite the mystery since its 2020 reveal, albeit a tantalizing one. Created by the same studio responsible for the excellent Fallout: New Vegas as well as the brilliant spacefaring comedy Outer Worlds, it's great to see Obsidian return to a fantastical setting with magic and great beasts.

Releasing this fall, we have a while to wait until Avowed is playable by the public. Hopefully, today’s look at the game and further reveals and announcements will sustain you as we venture into 2024.

Th game will be available on cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X/S and on Game Pass day one.

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