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Project Shield: hands-on with Tegra-4 powered goodness

During GDC 2013, VG247's Sam Clay was given hands-on time with Nvidia's Project Shield, the Tegra-4 powered mobile console announced at CES earlier this year. Even better? The demo featured Skyrim streaming from PC, and looking rather lovely.

The idea behind the portable console is to give gamers the ability to play "any game, any where, any time." This means you can play your games on the bus, train, or hay truck without packing around any extra hardware, obviously.

While it may be an Android device at it's heart, it has the ability to stream your PC games to allow for playing anywhere in your house on the device providing you have WiFi.

So far, 20 games have been optimized for Tegra with full controller support.

You can expect the device to start shipping at the end of the second quarter.

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