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Notch space game inspired by Firefly, Elite "except done right"

Mojang's Markus Persson has said he's looking to create a space game that's inspired by TV show Firefly, featuring a sandbox aspect like Elite "except done right".

"I want the space game that’s more like Firefly. I want to run around on my ship and have to put out a fire. Like, oh crap, the cooling system failed, I have to put out the fire here.”Notch told PC Gamer.

He continued: "The goal is to do it the same way I did Minecraft. Just basically have me work on it for a while, and then we’ll add people as needed, and try to charge as soon as possible, because it’s probably going to be open ended sandbox game as well, so it doesn’t need to be completed before people can play it.”

Persson told the BBC he wanted his next project to be space-related in the wake of receiving his BAFTA Special Award next week. He told VG247 after picking up the award work on his next game would commence this summer.

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