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Beyond is No Man’s Sky's next large expansion and includes a new multiplayer experience

Hello Games says the next major update to No Man’s Sky is it's "most ambitious chapter yet."

A large update will be released for No Man’s Sky this summer. Titled Beyond, it introduces a new social and multiplayer experience the studio is calling No Man’s Sky Online.

The announcement states Beyond will change the way players come together, and offer "radical new ways" to explore the No Man's Sky universe. Basically, No Man’s Sky Online will allow players everywhere in the game universe to meet and play together.

While the content will feature "recognizable online elements," the studio was quick to point out Beyond shouldn't be considered an MMO-style update.

At one time, Hello Games planned to release three, future updates as part of the Beyond expansion. As development progressed, the team decided instead to interweave the features and roll them into a single release.

Beyond will be entirely free for all existing players, and will not feature micro-transactions. Multiplayer is only one part of the large update, and Hello Games will reveal more features over the coming weeks.

Until then, enjoy the super short teaser trailer.

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