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No Kinect support for Fable III at launch, says Molyneux


Afraid you'll work up a sticky, exhausting sweat doing some light yoga in Your Shape? Then why not take a load off by, er, saving and then ruling the entire world?

Speaking during the Engadget Show, Lionhead head lion Peter Molyneux revealed that Fable III's "wonderfully additive" Kinect support won't be part of the package when the game launches this October. According to Joystiq, some sort of post-launch patch could be in the cards, but for now, your character's the only one who'll be doing goofy dances and pantomiming sock puppets.

Well, you know, unless that's just something you do. Like, on your own. Don't worry, though. We won't judge you. Not so long as you're holding that gun and screaming at us, anyway.

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