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Ninja Theory stays mum on DMC5 rumours


Ninja Theory boss Tameem Antoniades has told VG247 the studio isn't saying anything about its secret project that was revealed a couple of months ago.

Speaking in an interview published earlier this evening, he, however, didn't quite rule out the project in question could possibly be a collaboration with Capcom on Devil May Cry 5.

"I can say it is an unannounced game for an unannounced publisher," Antoniades told us in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago during a Namco press event to promote Ninja Theory's latest title Enslaved.

When pushed if it was DMC5, he added: "Well, there’s no way I’m gonna confirm or deny if we’ve got anything to do with it"

Not quite confirmation, but not a quite denial either. We'll bite... for now.

It comes as Capcom announced recently that any new IPs from the company would be made in-house in Japan, with any western studios being brought in to do sequels. This would help strengthen the DMC rumour from the Heavenly Sword devs.

The last Devil May Cry released was Devil May Cry 4 for PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2008.

Get our full interview with Tameem Antoniades here. New shots of Enslaved are here.

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