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New Hellblade trailer is almost as amazing as how it was made

Dammit Ninja Theory, nobody has time for your gloriously beautiful nonsense right now.

Hellblade, or Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice as we're now apparently calling it, is not as mysterious as casual observers seem to think. Although we've only seen rough, early gameplay so far, Ninja Theory has been very generous with behind the scenes materials.

This latest trailer is a cinematic affair - but I'd still slap my credit card down if it were possible. Just look at this shizzle:

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I want to go there and experience those things, immediately. This is what Ninja Theory can do on a small budget, so goodness knows what would happen if Sony lost its head and bought the team.

The secret behind the animation is Ninja Theory's new live performance capture, which translates an actor's movements into an in-game render rendering in real time - something that's never been done before, apparently. Epic reckons you can do this with consumer hardware thanks to the flexibility of Unreal 4, but this high-end version was produced with help from Serbian scanning experts 3D Lateral and facial animators Cubic Motion, among others.

I'm not sure we've bridged the uncanny valley yet, but it's sure a step forward, isn't it?

Watch on YouTube

Hellblade is coming to PC and PS4 this year.

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