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MW3: Leaked Elite screens show new Spec Ops missions - Report

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Xbox gamers will receive two new Spec Ops missions in August via Call of Duty: Elite premium. Freshly leaked screens apparently show the new content ahead of Infinity Ward's reveal.

A source close to MP1st - named 'Gamecheat13' leaked a grabbed video of Spec Ops missions ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Light ‘Em Up’, that has since been removed, but not before screen grabs could be taken.

The 'Special Delivery' shots show a pair of US troops calling in Osprey Gunner care package drops on a night map, swarming with enemy troops and attack helicopters.

You can check out the leaked screens over at MP1st now.

Infinity Ward is due to announce the contents of Call of Duty: Elite's August drop this week, according to an official studio tweet, so we'll have confirmation of the DLC soon.

Meanwhile, rumoured Modern Warfare 3 DLC content for September was apparently leaked, including the maps 'Gulch', 'Parish' and 'Boardwalk'. Read all about them in our report here.

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