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Rumour - September MW3 content outed by video and screengrabs

A video and handful of images have appeared in the wilds of the Internet, showing what is claimed to be unreleased DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

MP1st gathered the content, and notes that the map names given - Gulch, Parish and Boardwalk - match earlier rumours, which proved correct when Offshore and Decommission dropped in July.

The information comes courtesy of one Gamecheat13, who believes the new maps will hit in September. Activision has confirmed August's content drop will include two new spec ops missions and a mysterious secret piece of content, believes to be a new game mode.

Visit the link above to view the watermarked images, but you can check out what is said to be a video of Parish below - although don't expect it to last long if it's legit.

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