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Monster Hunter World: the best high rank armor build - Odogaron Dragonking

Whether you're a new PC player or returning veteran, you need a great high-rank armor set to get you close to the Monster Hunter World endgame?

We think we've got a great pick, courtesy of our boy Arekkz Gaming. This is a great set to build as you play through high rank quests. You can read everything you need to know about armor, low and high rank sets and armor skills on this page.

The Odogaron armour set Arekkz is running in the video below consists of only four of the five pieces, replacing one for a Dragonking piece:

  • Odogaron Mail
  • Odogaron Vambraces
  • Odogaron Coil
  • Odogaron Greaves
  • Dragonking Eyepatch

The Odogaron armor set has some great bonuses; two pieces equipped gives you Punishing Draw, which adds a stun effect to draw attacks and increases attack power.

Four pieces grants you Protective Polish, which means your weapon sharpness will not decrease for a set time after sharpening - one minute to be exact. It will also grant level 5 Affinity, level 3 bleeding resistance, level 3 speed sharpening, constitution level 1 and quick sheath level 1. That's the basics.

Now add to this build the Dragonking Eyepatch which has weakness level 2 (which grants 30% Affinity when hitting weak spots) rather than using the Odogaron Helmet (which means you'll lose some bleed resistance and Affinity), but it works out a much more accomplished armor set this way.

Arekkz reckons this is a viable endgame armor set, especially if equipped with a fast attack weapon like Dual Blades. It should have you ploughing through high rank quests soon enough, at least until you can build out a more distinctive armor set for your playstyle.

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