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Monster Hunter World massive pre-Iceborne patch adds free armor set for new players, much more

Capcom will roll out a big patch for Monster Hunter World in anticipation of the release of Iceborne.

Just before Iceborne launches, all Monster Hunter World players on console will receive a hefty new patch - on September 4 - that'll introduce a couple of new features, add quality of life improvements and make several weapon and monster balance tweaks.

One major addition is the new Guardian Armor, a free set that'll be given to all players. The Guardian Armor has excellent defence and can even be upgraded with more spheres. This particular set is designed for new players who want to finish the main World story before jumping into Iceborne.

But it's also good enough that you can use it in High Rank. When the patch releases, the Guardian Armor set will be available to everyone from the start of the game, no forging necessary.

Capcom is also adding a neat new feature to encourage players to help one another on hunts. Hunter Helper will reward players who help fellow hunters in both Low and High Rank. Every time you finish a hunt, you'll get bonus rewards, such as Wyverian Prints.

You'll also make progress towards unlocking some new Pendants and Trophies. Pendants are sort of like weapon charms in shooters; which add a bit of flair to the look of your weapons.

All of this and more is coming to all players ahead of Iceborne's launch, and you can watch today's full developer diary below to get all the details.

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Iceborne releases September 6 for PS4, and Xbox One. The PC version is due in January.

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