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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: watch a four-person squad take on Tigrex

We've got some fresh new gameplay footage from the upcoming Monster Hunter World expansion to pore over.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne was properly shown off for the first time last month, and we've had more information pop up on our radar since then.

Last week we watched our pal Arekkz take on Banbaro, fresh from E3, and this week we've got more footage of him and his squad going hunting.

This time he's with three other players to form a four-person squad, and they're going after the iconic Monster Hunter enemy, Tigrex.

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The video cuts between all four perspectives as the team faces off against the fearsome dragon-like enemy, which is neat.

Tigrex likes to perform charge attacks, or jump right on top of hunters and smack them with his tail if they let their guard down.The video also shows off the hunting horn spin move that hunters will have access to, which people are very excited about in the comments section.

Eventually Tigrex goes on the run, as monsters in this game typically do, but they manage to take it down with effective teamwork after tracking it back to its lair.

It looks like a typical Monster Hunter World encounter, which is to say that it looks like a lot of fun.

Arekkz promises that we'll have plenty more footage to watch soon. Monster Hunter World Iceborne releases for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, and for PC players at some point after that.

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