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The original Monster Hunter Stories is coming to Nintendo Switch (and PS4 & PC, too)

Another game stuck on the 3DS that's been freed!

Monster Hunter Stories key art of a boy riding an orange dragon-like monster.
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Monster Hunter Stories, the more kid-friendly take on the classic series, is making the leap from 3DS to Nintendo Switch in an upcoming remaster.

With the 3DS now functionally dead due to the eShop being actually dead, there are some games that will forever remain locked to the platform - not the original Monster Hunter Stories, though, as the spin-off game just received word of a remaster during today's Nintendo Direct. A sequel to the game actually released on the Switch back in 2022, but this marks the first time the 3DS classic will be on modern platforms (PlayStation fans will be happy to hear it's coming to PS4, too, and you'll be able to pick it up on PC as well).

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It's not just a simple port though, as the game will feature full voice acting for the first time, as well as new HD visuals, a museum mode that features tonnes of art, and in a good bit of news for those of us over in the West, some content that was only available in the Japanese release of the game.

If you're more familiar with the classic Monster Hunter stylings, Stories differs in that it's more like a creature collector, where you collect monster eggs and raise them up to fight alongside you. It's definitely a much more cutesy approach that might not appeal to the hardcore fan, but it could be a good way to introduce a potentially younger audience to the series.

As of now, no specific release date has been provided for the game, though it is apparently due out this summer. In the meantime, you could always pick up Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Switch, which we gave 4/5 in our review, writing, "Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a win, with so many quality of life changes from its predecessor on 3DS. It’s welcoming and accessible, familiar yet new, complex but not too confusing, and has plenty of surprises waiting for players and I can see myself playing it way beyond this review."

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