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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak videos show off the new Switch Skill Swap action

Swap skills in the middle of combat.

Capcom has released two short videos for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, each one giving you a look at a specific weapon.

The first one, which is posted below, takes a look at the Hammer. It features the attacks Impact Burst, Impact Crater, the Switch Skill Swap action which will be common to all weapons, Spinning and Charge for Silkbind Bludgeon.

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The Great Sword is the subject of the second trailer. The massive sword features the Silkbind Attack Strongarm Stance, and like other weapons, you can use Skill Swap to switch to Hunting Edge, Slash combos Charged and Surge, then there's Rage Slash and True Charged Slash.

Watch on YouTube

You can look over other weapon demonstration videos for the Insect Glaive, Heavy Bowgun, Sword and Shield, and the Switch Axe on the Monster Hunter YouTube channel.

With the Switch Skill Swap ability, you can Switch Skills to two different loadouts which can be changed on the fly during a hunt. Should you find yourself under attack while performing a Switch Skill Swap, you can perform a Swap Evade in any direction to avoid danger, or reposition for a continued assault.

Sunbreak releases on June 30 for Steam and Switch.

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