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Monster Hunter Rise is getting a big expansion on Switch and PC in 2022

The first major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise has been announced.

Capcom dropped a big announcement during the Nintendo Direct presentation overnight. The critically acclaimed and very popular Monster Hunter Rise is getting an expansion. Dubbed Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the “massive” add-on will introduce new areas, new monsters, and a new quest rank.

Even more interesting, Sunbreak will also feature a new story, and new gameplay mechanics. The expansion is due out in summer 2022 on both Switch and PC simultaneously. The PC version, of course, remains on track for an early 2022 release. It appears content releases will start syncing from that point on, though Capcom didn’t specifically say.

Unfortunately, the trailer was incredibly brief, only serving to set the tone; showing a purple-tinged sky and a massive, menacing dragon - who appears to be a new monster - looking over some ruins. Capcom didn't follow it up with any concrete details, beyond the blurb in the press release, but it’s fair to say it looks a bit unusual.

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