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MLG and Gfinity partner for second UK eSports event

Gfinity's second UK eSports event will take place this weekend in Covent Garden, London and the organisers have partnered with Major League Gaming to provide rolling coverage across the world. The highlight is a big Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tourney with a $70,000 prize pot.

In a press release sent to VG247 this morning, Gfinity confirmed that the event - which takes place October 12th and 13th - will be broadcast in its entirety over at as part of the deal between both groups.

It will air on the MLG page from Saturday, October 12 at 10:00-22:30 BST (5am – 7:30pm ET) and Sunday, October 13 from 09:00-22:30 BST (4am – 7:30pm ET).

Gfinity will also use MLG's Pro Points scoring system to track participant's performance. Gfinity will also stream the event over at its homepage.

It's not a bad deal for British eSports. What do you think?

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