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Miyamoto: Nintendo working on new hardware


Shigeru Miyamoto has yet again confirmed that Nintendo is working on new hardware.

Speaking at the Annual Japan Media Arts Festival on Saturday (via Andriasang), Miyamoto admitted the company was working on something new.

His words come following a rumoured reveal for new Nintendo hardware at GDC in a month's time.

Official confirmation of new, in-the-works hardware is nothing new: company execs regularly assure fresh meat is on the way.

Speculation surrounding new Nintendo consoles is picking up. Wii HD is an evergreen story, and was joined recently by talk of a new DS with motion controls, which was apparently suggested by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata last month in a Japanese newspaper article, only to be flatly denied by the exec last week.

At the same event, Miyamoto confirmed he was working on a new title involving WiiMotionPlus, but isn't the new Zelda in development for Wii.

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