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Minecraft Adventure Time Mash Up Pack out for console edition, Wii U and Switch later today

What time is it? It's Adventure Time in Minecraft.


After teasing a Minecraft Mash-up with the popular animated series last week, Mojang and 4J Studios released the pack along with the latest update across Console Editions this morning,

The update will be made available for Switch and Wii U either later today or early tomorrow morning. It will also be released "soon" for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10.

Along with Finn, Jake, Ice King, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum, more familiar characters from the Adventure Time series are included.

These include Lady Rainicorn, Beemo, Lemongrab, Flame Princess, the awesome Lumpy Space Princess, and the alternate versions of Fin and Jake: Fionna and her cat Cake.

And it's not just a skin pack: the entire land of Ooo, even the Ice and Fire Kingdoms, is available for players to transform the landscape.

Along with the Adventure Time Mash Up pack, an update was made to the game. It added Glide, a Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack, Chinese Mythology Battle Map, an off-hand slot for Maps and Arrows, the ability to smelt Iron and Gold armor into nuggets, and plenty more.

Full change log for Patch 3 is posted below.

Additions and Changes

  • Added Glide!
  • Updated Switch Features to be inline with other platforms
  • Added Adventure Time Mash-up Pack.
  • Added Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack.
  • Added Chinese Mythology Battle Map.
  • Added Temple, a free Glide track.
  • Your best run in Glide will now be recorded (as long as it is under 5 minutes), and a Ghost will fly alongside you in Solo Mode to help you improve!
  • The default controls have been changed slightly, and you can now define your own control scheme in the options menu.
  • Added Pick Block - This is unassigned by default.
  • Added Off-hand slot for Maps and Arrows.
  • Added Shulker Box item.
  • Added Shulker Shell item.
  • Added Iron Nugget item. You can now smelt Iron and Gold armour into nuggets.
  • More items can now be used as fuel in a furnace.
  • Added new Note Block sounds
  • Added some new sound effects for filling Cauldrons, paddling Boats, using a Fishing Rod, and End Portals.
  • Using a Firework while gliding with Elytra will now give you a boost. Don't try this at home!
  • Added Concrete Powder Blocks – 16 Different colors!
  • Added Concrete Blocks – 16 Different colors!
  • Added Glazed Terracotta Block – 16 Different patterns!
  • Changed the color of Dyes, Wool and Banners

Bug Fixes

  • MCCE-4554 - Take Damage when falling into slime block
  • MCCE-4704 - Fall Damage being taken in 1x1 areas
  • MCCE-4551 - Falling in shallow water is damaging players
  • MCCE-2308 - Player Glitched out in Battle Mode
  • MCCE-2902 - Squids not spawning in anything man-made
  • MCCE-4604 - Battle Mode Spawn Glitch
  • MCCE-2019 - Some times when with a arrow or hit the players scren will freeze or shake.
  • MCCE-4223 - elytra fly glitch
  • MCCE-3164 - Rabbits
  • MCCE-4662 - Exp from Coal not going to mending
  • MCCE-4591 - Map direction icon skewed
  • MCCE-4278 - Banner are giant

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