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Minecraft 1.9 leaked - by Mojang

At the risk of sounding repetitive... "Another day, another new snippet of Minecraftian goodness." No, really. Also at the risk of sounding repetitive, the new update for the game has been "leaked" by the company. This is not last week's news, I checked. Today, we're talking about pre-release Version 1.9, which Jens Bergensten from Mojang has shared with the world.

Bergensten, better known as jeb_, didn't even pretend to hide what he was linking, stating simply where the "Minecraft Beta 1.9 prerelease" could be found, and announcing that the server jar was also available. Then the internets broke, as everybody downloaded it and went crazy.

So far, so good. It's not perfect - there are some issues regarding XP and jumping, but everything's been explained on the Minecraft FAQ hosted on Reddit.

The update itself focusses on the Minecraftian version of Hell, known simply as The Nether. It introduces two hostile mobs, and we hear that the friendly Snow Golem have made their appearance, too.

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