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Microsoft working on fix for "rare" Live ID-Gamertag deletion issue


Nelson's responded to reports that dormant Live IDs could lead to Gamertags - and all associated Gamerscore - being wiped from Xbox Live, saying that Microsoft's looking for a solution and that the issue is "rare".

"In the rare case that you DO NOT sign in to or another website that uses Windows LIVE ID (like Hotmail) it is possible that your Windows LIVE ID expires (goes dormant)," said the exec.

"An Xbox LIVE Gamertag is unrecoverable from the system only when the associated Windows Live ID has become dormant and the Gamertag has been deleted from all Xbox 360 consoles."

He added: "We are actively working on an update that will allow you to link your Gamertag to a new Windows Live ID if one becomes dormant."

Just use your Hotmail, OK? Before you're punished by having four year's worth of Gamerscore wiped.

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