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Microsoft showcases Halo 3 Recon in Tokyo

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Update: The first images and the press conference movie have just been posted.

Microsoft has just showcased the Halo expansion revealed by Bungie at Tokyo Game Show 2008.

The game is a prologue to the events in Halo 3, and tells the story from an all-new perspective: an ODST recon marine.

A trailer was shown in Microsoft's show keynote, including bombed out buildings, the like of which were seen in the recent "Keep it Clean" teaser.

The new title will release next autumn.

The news comes out of Microsoft's TGS keynote.

Full press release after the break.

By Mike Bowden

During his keynote address, John Schappert, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of LIVE, Software and Studios showcased the best blockbusters Japan has to offer from the most popular genres. Cementing Xbox 360’s reputation as the premier home for great storytelling and the industries best Role Playing Games (RPGs), Schappert provided an exclusive look at the widely anticipated “Star Ocean 4” and “The Last Remnant” from developer Square Enix. Action adventure fans were also given a new look at the latest trailer for “Resident Evil 5,” slated to launch on Xbox 360 this March.

“Xbox 360 continues to be the destination of choice for the best and broadest games from the world’s biggest and best developers,” said Schappert. “With the latest incarnations of the ‘Halo’ universe we continue to deliver on our commitment to provide the calibre of entertainment and games that capture the imagination of people across the globe.”

To the delight of devoted fans across the world, Microsoft debuted “Halo 3: Recon,” developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by acclaimed developer Bungie. “Halo 3: Recon” is a new chapter in the “Halo” saga that lets gamers experience events leading up to the epic story told in “Halo 3” through the eyes of a new hero in the “Halo” universe.

The standalone expansion, set to release in Spring of 2009, extends the award-winning “Halo 3” experience with hours of new campaign excursions and multiplayer gameplay. Additionally, attendees were given an all-new glimpse of the Xbox 360 exclusive strategy game “Halo Wars” from Ensemble Studios. By showing campaign mode for the first time, the live demo provided viewers with a thrilling taste of the revolutionary gameplay and new perspective of the “Halo” Universe. Players will be able to enjoy the full experience when “Halo Wars” hits retailers in early 2009.

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