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Microsoft sees massive intake in developers, games for Windows Phone 7


Micrsoft has said it's seen a massive uptake in developers and games coming to Windows Phone 7.

The company has seen an 80 percent rise of developers looking to develop titles for the service, with 15,000 developers already on board.

3,000 titles have already launched for WP 7.

"We're heading into one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year and we're on pace to offer roughly 3,000 apps and games by the end of this week," said MS's director for mobile platform services product management, Todd Brix.

"Clearly we're just getting warmed up. The developer community is placing some big bets with Windows Phone this holiday."

The platform hasn't gotten off to the best of starts, though. WP7 phones only sold 40k on its first day, despite a $400 million marketing campaign.

Thanks, GI.

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