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Metal Gear Rising: Inaba discusses his staff's "shock" at securing development

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance director Atsushi Inaba has penned a new blog that retells the moment he first broke news of Platinum Game's development of the game to his shocked staff, and the challenge of meeting the lofty expectations of Metal Gear fans. Get the details below.

Over at the Rising Blog, Inaba explains that memorable moment, "At Platinum, we’re not so easily surprised. Still, I think the staff was pretty shocked when I told them, 'We’re making Metal Gear Rising.' Kenji [Saito] probably had a heart attack when I asked him, “Want to be the director? I need an answer right now.

"I really wanted to make this project happen, though. I remember all the plans I started making after I met with Kojima, to turn his proposal into a reality. In interviews I said, 'I went for it because the thought of it excited me', but I don’t want that to suggest I was simply impulsive.

"What we at PlatinumGames make, if I were to say in short, can be defined by two words: 'Pride' and 'Dedication.'"

Inaba also laid out his studio's approach to the game's quality, and keeping it in line with the expectations of fans, as well as meeting the level laid down by previous games in the Metal Gear franchise.

"This project introduced a new challenge: making something that Kojima Productions and Metal Gear fans everywhere would approve of. Kojima Productions believed in our talent as an action game maker, and we set out to meet to those expectations.

"Moreover, we strove to create something that exceeds the expectations of every Metal Gear fan. By the end, we had expanded the range of gameplay experiences we provide as a developer. It gave new meaning to our idea of dedication. That’s what you’ll find inside this project. That’s why I wanted to do it. No matter what.

"But a game isn’t a game if it isn’t fun. Even with some dramatic 'Developer: PlatinumGames!' announcement, if it isn’t fun, what’s the point? What really matters is that."

We've all played it here at VG247 and yeah, it's very fun indeed, and brutally challenging, so fans should be in for a treat when it launches in February. What do you think based on what you've seen so far? Let us know below.

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