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Metal Gear Online gear customisation won't affect stats

Metal Gear 5: The Phantom Pain brings back multiplayer suite Metal Gear Online, complete with the ability to play dress ups.


Metal Gear Online will support cosmetic customisation of player gear, Konami has confirmed.

Players will be able to change the colour of individual gear pieces, as well as the pattern on select pieces. The image above shows two identical pieces of equipment with different colour customisation.

Details on customisation were shared in a Twitter Q&A, as collated on the Metal Gear Online forums.

Answering specific queries, Konami said that the customisation options are not presets. You can't customise patterns, but Konami promised a variety to choose from. There are "a few dozen or more" non-patterned colours to choose from, including both military shades and more vibrant hues.

Customisation won't alter stats, but of course your visibility could affect gameplay.

As in Metal Gear Solid 4, equipment is divided into categories like upper body and lower body, but not the same categories as previously. Gear from MGS4 will not be returning.

Equipment includes modern day military-style pieces as well as more "unique" examples. Some gear is class specific, and each class has a particular look - so you should always know what's coming for you. You can save specific loadouts and looks, but you can't change them during matches.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain launches in September for PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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