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Media Molecule: We couldn't have made LBP on Xbox 360 "as it is"

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Speaking to GI, Media Molecule boss Alex Evans has issued the inevitable statement: LittleBigPlanet couldn't have been made on Xbox 360.

"With LBP as it is, we couldn't have made it on the Xbox 360 and the reason for that is actually because we designed it around the PS3's strengths," he said.

"In other words, if you're a game designer, from day one you know your platform, and you just cane it on that platform. You're not worrying about cross-platform, you're not worrying about anyone else's hardware design."

Evans was quick to play down that such a statement was any criticism of Microsoft's console.

"The 360 is an incredibly capable machine, and you could make a user-generated content game on it, no question - just as you could make one on the PS2 or the Megadrive, or any platform," he said. "But because we picked our platform, you go and you use every available bit of space, every little processor cycle."

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