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Max Payne movie goes "pretty deep," says Wahlberg

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In a Total Film interview republished on GamesRadar, Max Payne actor Mark Wahlberg's said that the movie itself has more depth than the average run-and-gun.

"There’s a lot of action in this movie, but there’s also plenty of emotion and psychology," he said. "It goes pretty deep.”

Wahlberg added some detail of the film's plot, explaining why angels and such made an appearance in the recently released trailer.

“The hallucinations are a side-effect of this drug that’s been leaked onto the streets,” he said. “A lot of the conspiracy comes from that: Max finds out that it’s a drug tested by the military to create super-soldiers, but someone has flooded the streets with it.

"It makes crack look like chocolate. He has to take it to keep up with the fight. But yeah, there’s a definite theme of Max fighting the devils inside."

More through the link. Film's out next year.

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