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Marvel Studios is returning to San Diego Comic-Con in a new attempt to convince us the MCU isn't cooked

It needs more wins after Deadpool & Wolverine.

Captain America: Brave New World - Sam Wilson
Image credit: Marvel Studios

After a streak of more disappointments than wins plus some heavy restructuring, Marvel Studios is returning to San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H this summer.

Deadline shared the news, teasing the House of M wants to go big in late July (SDCC runs from July 25 to 28 this year) to let everyone know 2025 could be its big comeback year.

Right now, the company is still reeling from Secret Invasion's crushingly terrible reviews and The Marvels' historically low box office performance. That said, 2023 also brought in some remarkable wins in the shape of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Loki's second (and final) season. Not everything is lost, but everyone seems to agree that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been bleeding for a while now, and it might just be a matter of Marvel Studios spreading itself too thin over far too many movies and TV shows.

Disney CEO Bob Iger, who had to come out of retirement to fix Bob Chapek's pandemic-era mess, and Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige have already stated they're returning to a 'less is more' approach to TV and movie productions. This will hopefully restore some of the lost quality to upcoming projects such as Agatha All Along, Daredevil: Born Again, the fourth Captain America movie, or Thunderbolts, the latter of which was conceived as an event movie of sorts.

The next Hall H presentation will happen right as Deadpool & Wolverine sinks its claws and blades into the box office, with the early domestic tracking numbers promising an amazing turnout, likely due to the fact most people love both Deadpool and Wolverine regardless of their new connections to the larger MCU. This will be a much-needed win for Disney and Marvel, yet it remains to be seen whether they can ride that excitement into 2025 to power up the once-unbeatable money-making machine and king of giant cinematic universes, especially as the long-anticipated Fantastic Four reboot looms near and Blade continues to struggle to become a reality.

Meanwhile, renowned scooper Daniel Richtman (who's been on a roll as of late) claims to be hearing Marvel Studios will be going really big this year with its Hall H presentation, potentially unveiling a batch of new movie and TV projects, though we'd rather have an updated schedule/timeline of what's coming over the next two to three years, as almost every major release date has been shuffled to hell and back recently.

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