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Marvel must be confident in Deadpool & Wolverine, because its director is reportedly being eyed for Avengers 5

Marvel is also talking to other directors as it waits to hear back.

A poster for Deadpool & Wolverine showing the titular characters fighting, Deadpool pointing a gun at Wolverine, Wolverin pointing his claws at Deadpool.
Image credit: Marvel

Deadpool & Wolverine isn't even out yet, but Marvel seems to be sure of it enough that it's reportedly considering director Shawn Levy to helm Avengers 5.

We're still a little over a month away until Deadpool & Wolverine hits theatres, and with only a couple of trailers to go off of, it's pretty impossible to tell how it might be received. It's Marvel's first big film of the year, and with the MCU struggling in recent years, there's obviously a lot of expectations surrounding the film. But, that hasn't stopped Marvel considering attaching Levy to take the director's chair in the next Avengers movie. According to Deadline, Marvel and Levy are currently in early conversations over Avengers 5, which was meant to be Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, but reports earlier this year seemed to suggest Marvel was moving away from Kang due to Jonathon Majors' assault conviction.

Deadline claims that Levy does have the latest screenplay from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron, but its sources say he hasn't yet given an answer as to whether he'll take the film on. Marvel is also apparently meeting with other directors while they wait for Levy to make a decision. As noted by Deadline, it's unclear whether he'll take the job or not, as he's expected to be heavily involved in the final season of Stranger Things as both a director and executive producer, and he is meant to be making a Star Wars film too.

It's going to be a bit of a quiet year for Marvel overall, as Deadpool & Wolverine is currently the only film planned to release in 2024 that's a part of the MCU. Disney+ did see the arrival of Echo back in January, though that's more of a ground-level, Netflix-Daredevil, not all that important kind of series. Agatha All Along is due out this September, and Eyes of Wakanda is also meant to release on Disney+ sometime in 2024, but that's about it for this year.

Marvel has said it plans to slow down on projects, but that plan likely isn't in effect just yet - Captain America: Brave New World was meant to be released last month, but it was obviously delayed, with reshoots even taking place up until recently.

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