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EVE, Minecraft, League of Legends taken offline by LulzSec

EVE Online and Minecraft have both been taken offline this evening, following LulzSec claims they have been hit by DDOS attacks, with League of Legends the latest victim in the string of attacks today.

"EVE Online and related services are currently offline, to return ASAP after investigation of some issues," CCP confirmed, before later adding: "EVE Online and related services experienced an Internet attack. We have taken them down as a security precaution."

EVE's website is now back up. The game has been back online since 11.00pm BST last night.

Minecraft's site has now recovered, but was down earlier.

LulzSec took Minecraft's servers "100% down", but game creator Notch has confirmed the game is back up.

Minecraft's log-in server quickly came back online, following LulzSec saying earlier it had been specifically targeted.

LulzSec has since tweeted that it currently planning another attack, but laying off Minecraft for now.

"We're eying up the next target... laying off Minecraft," reads the tweet. "So go play that. Preparing a cannon attack on our main artillery shells!"

This was followed up by a tweet that the League of Legends login servers were taken down.

Games site The Escapist has also been hit by the group, and is now down.

LulzSec has been apparently responsible for attacks on Nintendo, Sony Pictures, Bethesda and others in recent weeks.

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