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Lips patch to stop "white noise" scoring


According to this post on the official Lips site, a title update's on the way for the karaoke game that promises to stop players being able to rack up points by blowing on the mic. Or rubbing it on the carpet.

"We've added algorithms to help detect white noise and reduce its impact on scoring, so simply blowing into the mic won’t rack up the points anymore," said a Microsoft rep.

"We've also made rap-marker detection more precise than before; no more mumbling your way through Bust A Move or Lip Gloss -- now you've got to enunciate and elucidate.

"Finally, adjustments to pitch-detection, vibrato detection, and scoop detection have balanced out gameplay that some people have complained is too 'easy' or random."

There's more stuff on the way as well, such as a ticker for news updates and "a mic calibration tool".

No date, though. See all through the link.

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