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Life is Strange episode 3 confirmed for May 19 release

The third installment of the episodic adventure Life is Strange - dubbed Chaos Theory - is going to be available on Tuesday May 19, and we've got some details on what lies in store. Spoilers ahead.

life is strange episode 3

Max and Chloe, investigating the disappearance of Rachel Amber, do a little B & E on campus to find some answers, and decide to poke around in the Prinicipal Well's office.

As well as digging up more secrets, it looks like Max is going to find another way to use her powers, so that should be interesting.

Be sure to wrap up any loose ends if you're still making your way through the first two episodes, because as expected, your terrible decision-making will carry over to the new episode.

Not that I want you to second-guess your choices or anything, putting you in the same boat as me. That would be crazy.

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