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LEAK: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls test client datamined, reveals Adventure Mode, Clan/Ladder System and 100+ new quests

The folks over at DiabloFans have datamined just about everything you could imagine out of one of Blizzard's internal testing versions of the upcoming Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls. Some of the features, all of which are subject to change include a ladder and guild system, an adventure mode with bounties, 'Devil's Hand' and 'Loot Runs'. There will also be trial mode as well as a hundred new quests spanning across the new Act 5 and existing acts.

Diablo fan favourite character Gheed will be making a comeback, in the form of an item that allows you to keep Treasure Goblins' portals open so you can travel through them, presumably to the Goblins' treasure dimension or wherever they go.

Adventure mode seems to be a version of the game with all the story/main quest content disabled, so you no longer get interrupted all the time with long-winded monologues from ol' Deckard Cain.

Some videos have also leaked, including some of the Crusader's new spell animations and even the ending cutscene.

However there's far too much to post about, but check it out yourself if you don't mind spoilers.

Thanks NeoGAF.

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