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Kingdom Hearts 3: Nomura exploring new Disney IP for next-gen instalment

Kingdom Hearts 3 head Tetsuya Nomura has explained that his imagination has been running riot following Disney's acquisition of Marvel and Lucasarts, sparking potential ways to work each company's IP into his ever-expanding world.

IGN asked Noruma what he thought Disney's new acquisitions, to which he replied, "Whenever I hear of the news, I always say, ‘woah…they’ve done it again.’ The first thing I do when I find out this news is contact Disney and see if it’s something I can use [in Kingdom Hearts].”

However, Nomura confirmed that whenever he contacts each separate company and division he gets a varied response, "Disney’s companies are all very different. Sometimes the answer is ‘absolutely no,’ and sometimes the answer is, ‘…hmm, we don’t know...’”

So then, would you like to see any Pixar, Marvel or Lucasarts IP make the leap into Kingdom Hearts 3 Let us know below.

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