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Kingdom Hearts 3 is fuelled by Nomura's "burning anger"

Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura is having a lot of feelings at the moment, and they're all going into the next entry in the series.


Kingdom Hearts 3 is still undated, but in the Memorial Ultimania book released alongside Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in Japan this week, Nomura made a few comments suggesting he's putting a lot of energy into the project.

"If I had to pick, I am a person more on the dark side like Xehanort and co., I harness the burning anger in my heart into what I create," the developer wrote, according to's translation.

"Kingdom Hearts 3 current development explodes very much in this sense."

Nomura went on to say that every Kingdom Hearts game is full of challenges; it's not clear if he meant for himself or for the characters - or both.

"In Kingdom Hearts 3 as well, I am scheming many challenges that Sora and his friends must overcome, because I myself cannot lose either," he added.

"When I think about it, I had an explosive mindset when I made the first Kingdom Hearts as well.

"Thus when I look back at all the material, I feel that fever again. Fans who will continue the journey so far alongside Sora and his friends will also recall their own feverish enthusiasm. With that passion, we will not lose to darkness, and Sora’s journey will continue onwards."

I wonder what Nomura is angry about? It's hard not to speculate so soon after he handed Final Fantasy 15 over to Hajime Tabata.

Thanks, Gematsu.

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